My name is Meaghan DuPuis. I’m a senior in the physical education major with a concentration in exercise science. I have recently been accepted to the physical therapy program at MGH IHP and will be starting in June.

I love traveling and the outdoors. Camping and hiking are two of my favorite activities. My favorite adventure has been traveling to Anchorage, Alaska with Habitat for Humanity. Next week I will be attending the Ethnographic and Qualitative Research Conference in Las Vegas where I will also be able to visit the Grand Canyon and rock climb at Zion National Park.

The health aspect that I have chosen is cleaner eating. Often times I find myself eating junk food, specifically fried food, but also things like pizza and nachos. My goal for this semester is to choose healthier meals like salads, and eat less fried foods. I think this goal will be difficult for me because I do commonly choose unhealthy foods over healthy ones, but I also know that this is important to me personally.