Take Nothing But Pictures, Leave Nothing But Footprints

April 23, 2017 2:00

Chapter Fourteen: Environmental Health

This chapter is very important to me because I love the outdoors, and it came at a great time since Saturday was Earth Day. With overpopulation, comes overuse of Earth’s materials. Although the population is growing, Earth’s resources are not. This overpopulation also causes impact on animals. We’re destroying their habitats so that we can expand.

Air pollution is also a major concern because it greatly effects global warming. It’s easy to help decrease air pollution. An individual could decide to carpool or use public transportation to get to and from work or school or if they’re close enough they could even walk.

In the news today, there is much debate whether global warming is real or not. There are also many facts proving that global warming IS real. Some of them are:

  • Sea levels have risen 6.7 inches in the last 100 years.
  • Earth’s temperature is rising.
  • Ice sheets are shrinking.
  • Ocean temperatures are rising and becoming more acidic.
  • There have been record high temperatures, droughts, and flooding all over the United States.

A few summers ago when I went to Alaska, we visited the Byron Glacier. We watched an informational video of how much the glacier had shrunk over hundreds of years and it was incredible to watch. All over the world, glaciers and ice caps are shrinking, causing the ocean levels to rise.

Recycling is an important and easy way to help the planet. By buying smarter, and only getting the things you know you will use, you can greatly decrease the impact of waste. I’m taking a rock-climbing class at Quincy quarries and the place is covered in trash like bags, bottles, and spray cans. When we meet on Monday, some of us are bringing trash bags to help clean up the area. Although we won’t be able to make much of a dent, all of it helps!

My health aspect is eating healthier and exercising more. It relates to this chapter because I enjoy exercising outside, and if we keep treating the planet like we do currently, that might not be an option for the generations that follow us. I have been doing better at eating healthy (unlike last week) and am starting to take into consideration only buying things that I know I will eat so I don’t create more waste.

“Leave no Trace”

The Leave no Trace mission is to protect the outdoors by teaching and inspiring people to enjoy it responsibly. The website below offers ways you can help locally!


The picture above is at the Byron Glacier, which is barely visible in the top corner.




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