Chapter Thirteen

April 19, 2017 5:00

Chapter Thirteen: Violence and Unintentional Injuries

This chapter was about violence and injuries. It begins with the statistics of violence and how, since 2013, it has been decreasing. 79% of crimes against college students occur at off-campus locations which is an interesting statistics in my opinion. This means that only 21% of crimes involving college students occur on campus.

There are various types of interpersonal violence. They include homicide, hate crimes, domestic violence, child abuse, elder abuse, and sexual victimization. Firearms are used in 67% of the homicides in the United States which is a startling number in my opinion. I do believe that individuals should be allowed to have guns, but I feel like it needs to be a little stricter. Having stricter gun laws may decrease this number (hopefully). Hate crimes are crimes committed against a person, property, or group of people that is motivated by the offender’s bias against race, religion, disability, sexual orientation, or ethnicity. In the table shown in our text, majority of hate crimes were because of race.

Violence in the family involves a child, domestic partner, or elder. In the 70’s, Lenore Walker developed the cycle of violence theory. It started with tension building, then went to incident of acute battering, and then remorse or reconciliation, where it would start over again. The remorse/reconciliation stage shows the victim that the offender loves and cares about them and is sorry. They usually say it will never happen again, which isn’t true. It’s up to the victim to take themselves out of the cycle, but that is almost never an easy thing to do.

Recreation safety is very important to me personally. In high school, a friend of mine fell while skateboarding and suffered a head injury which put him in a coma. I always encourage friends to wear a helmet and when I’m driving I would put my car in drive until everyone is wearing their seatbelts. Simple things like that can save your life.

As for my health aspect, it hasn’t been going so well. Lately I’ve been stressed for time and have ordered food out a lot more than making it so not only am I eating less healthy, I’m spending more money. School has been very busy along with work and getting ready to move (10 days!) so I think once everything calms down and the semester is over and I’ve moved into my new place I can get back on track. I did make time to go climbing on Monday since we had no school and it was so beautiful out so I got some exercise in!


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