The New Tradition is Good Nutrition

March 15, 2017 10:30

Chapter Eight: Nutrition

I believe that this chapter is very important in everyone’s daily lives. There is currently a huge obesity epidemic in the United States and a lot of it comes from over eating, and not eating the right kinds of foods. You can go to a restaurant and order chicken Parmesan and receive two big pieces of chicken on top of a huge pile of pasta. This doesn’t even come close to the recommendations from MyPlate, it greatly exceeds the recommendations. In a figure in our textbook, it displays what the intake for carbohydrates, proteins, and total fats were in 1954 compared to 2006. Carbohydrates increased from 386 g to 474 g and protein increased from 92 g to 111 g, which would both show an increase of 25%. Total fats increased by 30%, from 137 g to 178 g.

Water and avoiding dehydration is very important to the body. I have suffered from dehydration which has caused low blood pressure, dizzy spouts, and most recently vertigo. What was interesting to learn though was that coffee does not dehydrate you. I always thought that my intake of coffee was a big factor in my dehydration but it’s good to know that it isn’t!

It was also really interesting reading about food allergies. My boyfriend has a severe peanut allergy and it becomes a problem almost every time we go out to eat. Working in a restaurant, I realize the dangers of allergies and make sure that everything is kept separately so there is no cross-contamination. Peanut oil is used more frequently in the south, so when we went to Florida for spring break, there were a lot of places that we couldn’t eat. Thankfully, up north it’s a lot easier to find restaurants that don’t use peanut oil, but we still have to be careful especially when getting dessert and ice cream.

Nutrition is a big part of my health aspect because I am trying to eat healthier. I know it’s smart to have smaller meals throughout the day instead of three big meals so I’ve been working to make my snacks healthier like having almonds and fruit. This chapter also talks a little bit about water and hydrating and like I said earlier, I have an issue with staying hydrated so this week I’ve been trying to bump up my water intake. Since I have gotten back from break, I have eaten a lot better and have tried to plan my meals. During break we ate a lot of pizza and fried foods because it was cheap and easy on the go so this week I have eaten a lot of salads and grilled chicken to try and make up for it! Looking forward to making more progress this week and next week!


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