Spring Break

March 6, 2017

Chapter Seven: Alcohol and Tobacco

This chapter was about how alcohol and tobacco can affect your life not only health wise but also emotionally. Many college students drink alcohol and excessive amount, which can affect their health and their school work. I have friends that have gone to “party” schools and have done poorly during semesters that they drank too much.

One of the videos that we watched during our weekly questions was about drinking too much at a bar during spring break. Since we are currently on spring break, the video was kind of eye opening for me. It’s scary to think that these kinds of things can happen to you when you drink too much but it’s also good to be aware of the bad things, so you know how to act. I’m currently in Daytona Beach for spring break and so far I haven’t seen anything like in the videos we watched, but I’ll know how to respond if this does come up.

As for my health aspect, like I said before I’m currently in Daytona Beach on spring break. I haven’t been eating (or drinking) very healthy. But I’m planning on getting right back to it when I get home on Sunday! Happy Spring Break everyone! This picture is from Devil’s Den in Florida today.


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