23 Days

February 9, 2017 3:00

Chapter Four: Relationships and Sexuality

I think that is chapter is a really important chapter in this text. It is important for individuals to know what is considered a good, loving relationship versus an unhealthy relationship. Unfortunately, many of us have dealt with unhealthy relationships where your partner can be controlling or just plain mean. It’s not until you experience a healthy relationship that you can look back and realize how much better off you are moving past this.

According to the text, a healthy relationship includes: predictability, dependability, and faith. All of these qualities are extremely important, but it’s more important for you to be able to take a step back to see if you’re happy in this relationship.

This week I have had many triumphs. I have been going to the gym a lot more than usual and when I can’t make it (like today because of the snow) I make sure I do a workout at home. I’ve also been making sure I eat a healthy breakfast (yogurt and granola), healthy lunches (turkey wrap), and healthy dinners, (salads, grilled chicken, lots of veggies). The motivation this week has been the realization that spring break is 23 days away (what?!) and I’ll be heading to Daytona Beach for the week. I’ve stopped consuming copious amounts of ice cream and chocolate so that should help me prepare for vacation as well!

This weeks picture is from swimming with manatees in Florida last spring break (to further my motivation).


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