Getting There…

February 4, 2017 4:38

Chapter Three: Stress

Stress. We’ve all dealt with stress as college students. Whether it be from studying for tests, homework, papers, or trying to balance school with a social life and job. Many people that deal with stress have found ways to avoid stress like meditating or yoga. I personally really enjoy yoga and attend a class once a week (more than one when I’m stressed out more). Before reading this chapter I was unaware that there was “good” stress called eustress. Eustress “presents the opportunity for personal growth and satisfaction and can actually improve health” (Donatelle 46). An example of eustress would be having a baby or getting married.

From our homework, I learned about how sleep can affect memory. I knew that sleep was extremely beneficial to your physical and mental health, but I was unaware that it could change memories from short-term to long-term.

I have personally experienced the effects of stress on my health. Similar to the example in our text, I usually get sick around mid-terms and finals. This makes it harder to study (who wants to study when all you want is to nap) which then increases my stress as the exam day gets closer. The lack of sleep doesn’t help the situation either.

After my unhealthy week last week, this week I have been able to choose healthier meals. So far I haven’t eaten any fried foods or nachos which were two of my favorite things! I also chose a healthier wrap instead of my usual “Pilgrim” sub which I was very proud of myself for. I’ve also been exercising more than usual (mostly rock climbing) so I’ve been feeling really great. Looking forward to next week.


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