February 1, 2017 12:45

Chapter Two: Psychological Health

This chapter was about psychological health and how your emotions can control your entire life. Many individuals I know struggle with the stress of school, especially financing it. According to Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs, individuals need shelter, safety, and protection 2nd. To me, safety and protection means I need to earn enough money to afford somewhere to live. To do this, I need a good paying job. And to have a good paying job I need a degree. Paying for a degree isn’t easy at all. I’ve carried two jobs for most of my undergraduate education, but minimum wage doesn’t help when you see the Bridgewater bill.

I have also learned from this chapter that it is important to have social support. Most times I am studying or working, but it is important to have fun too!

In regards to my health aspect, this week was definitely rough. Today I got back from 6 days in Las Vegas where I presented at the Ethnographic and Qualitative Research Conference. I decided that since it was “vacation” I was allowed to eat whatever I wanted, which was a very bad decision. We went to many different restaurants but they mostly consisted of in-and-out and lots of fried foods (not to mention free drinks while you gamble). This upcoming week will definitely be me trying to get back to healthy eating (I’ve already planned a salad for dinner tonight). Hopefully I can turn this around and start new!

Above left was a really good skillet breakfast with home fries and above right was this amazing brisket nachos from the restaurant that Guy Fieri owns.


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