Steps to a Healthy Change

January 19, 2017 8:49pm

Chapter One: Healthy Change

This chapter was all about healthy changes. It explains in detail the different dimensions of health including: environmental health, physical health, social health, intellectual health, emotional health, and spiritual health. These dimensions are all intertwined with each other. This chapter also goes into detail about the health in the US. An interesting theory is the transtheoretical model, which includes the steps it takes to change behavior. These steps are: precontemplation, contemplation, preparation, action, maintenance, and termination. These steps are important with our health aspects as well. This chapter also contains key ideas that will help to change your behavior like shaping and modeling. Chapter one is definitely important in learning how we should be changing our behaviors.

The behavior that I would like to change this semester is to eat cleaner. This week, I have chosen salad for dinner over pizza when my family ordered takeout. I think of this small victory as a step in the right direction. It was especially hard watching them eat pizza while I ate a dull salad but I succeeded. Making small victories like this remind me of the small victory of making it to the summit of a mountain, or in the case of the picture above, Blue Hills (which is why I chose it). Looking forward to what next week has in store for me and this goal!


One thought on “Steps to a Healthy Change

  1. Small victories is what it is all about! Small changes like salad instead of pizza is an awesome choice and brings to steps closer to cleaner eating. It definitely is hard to watch others enjoy something that you would prefer in the moment however, not eating it then does not mean you are not going to eat it forever. It is okay to have a slice of pizza every once in a while so your body does not feel deprived! So treat yourself sometimes but in the meantime it seems like your dull salad needs some love. There are great easy tips I use on pintrest all the time to enhance my healthy foods to be more interesting and fun! I would check it out and see if you can find something you can add to your salad to make it so good you do not even care that other are eating pizza in front of you!


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